Payroll Processing

  • The salary processing will become so effortless, accurate and well timed.
  • Software is compatible with the calculation of Bonus and gratuity that has been the statutory compliances for any organization.
  • There is a master for allowances & deductions that could be Fixed/variable according to the company’s compensation & benefits policy.
  • It has the option to generate a bank file that could be directly sent to the bank for the Salary disbursement.
  • The salary could be processed for a month at one go for all the employees.
  • There is an option to put directly the LWP of an employee, LWP will be a number of days he was absent unauthorized.
  • Complete evaluation of attendance, late coming, early out, Missing punches, half days in the salary processing without any manual efforts.
  • The leaves that have not been authorized will be treated as loss of pay and the deduction will be automatically be made by the software.
Performance evalution can be done smoothly through HR Administration Software to boost company's profit